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Glenveagh National Park

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Discover the Majesty of Glenveagh National Park

Situated in the heart of County Donegal, amidst the untamed beauty of the Derryveagh Mountains, Glenveagh National Park stands as a testament to the wild and rugged landscapes of Ireland. This natural haven boasts pristine habitats, protected wildlife, and a network of trails that lead to the stunning Victorian Castle and Gardens along the serene Lough Veagh, creating an ideal retreat for nature enthusiasts.

Glenveagh National Park offers a captivating escape, inviting visitors to delve into Ireland’s unique biodiversity and explore one of the country’s most breathtaking terrains. Whether you’re drawn to learn about diverse ecosystems or simply seek to immerse yourself in the splendor of the outdoors, Glenveagh has something extraordinary to offer. The park’s mission is clear – to safeguard the Glenveagh wilderness for generations to come.

At the core of Glenveagh’s philosophy is the commitment to prioritizing nature. Conservation efforts align seamlessly with responsible outdoor recreation, emphasizing the principle that nature takes precedence in all endeavors within the National Park. A dedicated “Protect Nature” video serves to raise awareness about Glenveagh National Park and empowers visitors to make their experience meaningful by appreciating wildlife and being mindful of their impact.

Embark on a journey along the Glen path, traversing the landscape from the mountaintop and unraveling the natural and historical narratives of Glenveagh. The glaciated valley, meandering rivers, cascading waterfalls, and pristine woodlands tell a tale that predates human presence.

A visit to Glenveagh is incomplete without a leisurely stroll around the meticulously tended Castle Gardens, expertly cared for by the dedicated staff. Whether you choose to explore during the vibrant summer or the enchanting autumn and winter, the Castle Gardens offer a captivating contrast to the untamed wilderness of Glenveagh.

Glenveagh National Park is not just a haven for plants and landscapes; it’s a thriving sanctuary for diverse birdlife. From majestic golden eagles and peregrine falcons to the elusive red-throated diver, the park hosts a variety of avian species. Keep an eye out for jays, wood warblers, crossbills, and long-tailed tits, with early mornings in May treating visitors to the enchanting dawn chorus – an unmissable spectacle in this natural paradise.