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Grianan of Aileach

Explore the Mystical Grianan Of Aileach in Inishowen

Grianan Of Aileach, a legendary ring fort in Inishowen, stands as a testament to ancient myths and historical significance. According to legend, this architectural marvel was constructed by the ancient gods and was revered as the Sun Palace. Traces of ancient earthworks dating back to the early Iron Age surround the fort, creating an enigmatic aura over the approximately 5-acre enclosure.

Constructed in the early centuries of the Christian era, Grianan Of Aileach served as the royal seat of the O Neill sept of Aileach from the 5th to the 12th century AD. However, its glory was short-lived as it fell victim to destruction in 1101, ordered by Murtogh O Brien, the king of Munster. The demolition was so thorough that each of his soldiers was tasked with taking away a stone from the fort.

The fort saw a resurrection in 1870 when Dr. Bernard of Derry undertook its reconstruction. However, archaeologists cast doubt on the inner restoration. Encircling the stone fort are three concentric low walls, integral parts of the original fortification.

Embark on a captivating 1.6-km trail near Burt, County Donegal, to unravel the mysteries surrounding Grianan Of Aileach. Considered a moderately challenging route, the trail promises an immersive experience taking around 35 minutes on average to complete. Ideal for hiking, running, and leisurely walks, this trail offers solitude, allowing you to absorb the historical and mythical vibes of this ancient site without encountering crowds. Explore the Grianan Of Aileach trail for a journey through time and history in the heart of Inishowen.

Coordinates55°01′26″N 7°25′39″W / 55.0238°N 7.427592°W