Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Marble Hill Strand

Discover the Charms of Marble Hill Beach in Dunfanaghy

Marble Hill Beach, gracefully situated near Port na Blagh on the scenic north coast of County Donegal, stands as a cherished destination for locals and visitors alike, drawing crowds especially during the vibrant summer months. This sandy haven is nestled between two headlands, embracing the tranquility of Sheephaven Bay.

Renowned as one of Donegal’s most exquisite beaches, Marble Hill Strand unveils its allure as the tides gracefully transform it into distinct sections, accompanied by the presence of small yachts and boats adorning the bay during the summer season. This beach has become a haven for a diverse range of enthusiasts, including walkers, swimmers, surfers, and those with a penchant for crafting sandcastles.

Accessing Marble Hill Beach is an enchanting journey. From Dunfanaghy, follow the N56 towards Creeslough. Around a mile into your journey, the road leading to Port-na-Blagh harbor will greet you, and shortly thereafter, a turnoff marked “Scenic Route” on the N56. Traverse this road, treating yourself to breathtaking views overlooking Kilahoey, Port-na-Blagh, and Sheephaven Bay. After a delightful drive of a few miles, you’ll arrive at the picturesque Marble Hill Beach. If you choose to continue along this route, it seamlessly rejoins the N56.

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Marble Hill Beach, with its scenic charm and versatile attractions, beckons you to unwind and create lasting memories along the captivating shores of County Donegal